“[The Silicon Valley]…excels in the manufacture of the immaterial and the incorporeal. It creates ideas to fill Thought Leader columns, TED talks, and conference circuits. It creates stock market flotations based on shareholder belief, and networked companies whose profits lie in disseminating other peoples’ work. Even the silicon in its name is now often manufactured overseas. So good is the Valley at nothing, in fact, that it’s spun it into a kind of cult—the myth of the “frictionless” world.”


“A single Google search (among the billions executed every day) releases half the carbon of a boiling kettle; the company as a whole produces as much CO2 as Laos.”

The Cult of Nothing, from the Baffler


Welcome to the world, Darling.

“The smartphone facilitates contingent employment models and self-exploitation by linking workers to capitalists without the fixed costs and emotional investment of more traditional employment relations.”

Smartphone Society, from the Jacobin


Bidding farewell to Microsoft, Apple, and even Google? It’s not too late, yet.


Big Brother is watching you! Un oeil sur vous – Citoyens sous surveillance. Alexandre Valenti, 2015.


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