it’s inequality, stupid.

the failure of neoliberalism and the global migrant crisis

“Much of the migration…results from unsustainable livelihoods, the disruption of traditional forms of agriculture, production, and government services that for decades provided adequate — in many cases, barely so — incomes in the developing world. The triumph of neoliberalism has changed all that.

This neoliberal experiment has produced solid growth rates in some places, but the benefits tend to accrue to elites and are not widely distributed, leading to growing inequality. Simultaneous cutbacks in education, health care, clean water availability, and the like, make life even harder for the marginalised.”


meanwhile, let them tell you how to get your table friday night at that new-hip-cool-chic-in-hot it and of course very expensive restaurant downtown. it’s almost funny.


On speed and acceleration (aka. the lack of time):

“the sign of the postmodern condition: we are no longer running towards a bright horizon in the future, we are running away from the dark abyss behind our backs…If it is true that social acceleration is a deep-rooted structural and institutional feature of our world, then we cannot solve it by just changing our individual attitudes.

…We can only make our world more resonant and less alienating when we change our own attitudes, but also the structures of our social and economic world. Economic democracy, a basic income, and the idea of resonance might be essential components for such a change.”



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