Regarding the blizzards back in January:

Capitalism is not a system based on meeting human need or fulfilling human desires, but on mediating them though and subordinating them to the priorities of profit. Whether a product or service fulfills the deepest needs or satiates burning desires is irrelevant if it does not do so profitably. The only question that matters in our society is: “Can we make money selling it?”

Generation Rent from two days ago:

The housing crisis was not driven by greed. Like all housing booms and busts, it was the natural product of a financialized housing market, in which homes become assets and a socially necessary good is transformed into a freewheeling commodity.

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Minimum Wage?
we will always be poor, disrespected, sneered at, tired, ill, etc.,
because we’re lazy, bad, stupid, ugly, not white, etc.


Mind is blown after watching Z.
Sad that the world is still like that. Or worse.


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