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Is there still hope for a better Europe?

Thursday, June 30th, 2016


The EU is fucked up. But is leaving the cure? I still think cooperation and solidarity (non-existent at the moment for the most part, especially the powerful part) are better than fragmentation and division (current state of things). A fundamental problem with the Brexit Leave campaign is that it promoted Brexit from an utterly wrong basis which is racist, xenophobic, anti-social, far right populist hate-promoting… and all this in the name of “sovereignty” and “freedom” (please define), while being unable to provide any concrete solution to make the lives of those in the UK better (e.g. against inequality and austerity), or even address the underlying problems with the EU (its undemocratic, neoliberal leadership, its implicit imperialism) which are making life hell for the growing masses of economically and socially marginalised people (are you still marginalised when the majority is “marginalised”?), not only in Europe but also in the “post-colonies” of the East and the South. In or out of the EU, the UK seems likely to be stay on the neoliberal path.

Am I dreaming of a romantic leftist socialist utopia? EU or not EU, what’s lacking is international cooperation and solidarity across state borders, we have enough division and discrimination and xenophobia and borders and militarisation thereof and and and.


The European Union is remote, racist, imperialist, anti-worker and anti-democratic: It is run by, of, and for the super-rich and their corporations…

Corporate bureaucrats in Brussels working as agents of the big banks and transnationals’ now exert control over every aspect of our lives. Neoliberal policies and practices (austerity, flexible labour markets, low pay, privatisation of public services, eradication of welfare states) dominate the European Commission, European Parliament, European Central Bank, European Court of Justice and a compliant media legitimises the whole conquest.


There might still be hope, if we demand a democratic refoundation of Europe


and, Let us be honest about our past and our present if we truly seek to dismantle white supremacy!



Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

been seeing lots of men’s underwear sticking out of their trousers. underwear bearing names of other men. like, in 120 point type. David, Calvin, Tommy, Leo, … or maybe it’s their name? perhaps i can start a crowd funding thingy making men’s underwear with elastic bands saying “hello, my name is…”? (please insert emoji here)