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the aesthetic & the anaesthetic (?)

Friday, April 30th, 2010


“Irritation may be let go like an arrow directed at a target and produce some change in the outer world. But having an outer effect is something very different from ordered use of objective conditions in order to give objective fulfillment to the emotion. The latter alone is expression and the emotion that attaches itself to, or is interpenetrated by, the resulting object is aesthetic.”

John Dewey, Art as Experience, Chapter 4 “The Act of Expression”, Pp. 81


people move on

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


“Life itself consists of phases in which the organism falls out of step with the march of surrounding things and then recovers unison with it – either through effort or by some happy chance. And, in a growing life, the recovery is never mere return to a prior state, for it is enriched by the state of disparity and resistance through which it has successfully passed. If the gap between organism and environment is too wide, the creature dies. If its activity is not enhanced by the temporary alienation, it merely subsists. Life grows when a temporary falling out is a transition to a more extensive balance of the energies of the organism with those of the conditions under which it lives.

If life continues and if in continuing it expands, there is an overcoming of factors of opposition and conflict; there is a transformation of them into differentiated aspects of a higher powered and more significant life…Equilibrium comes about not mechanically and inertly but out of, and because of, tension.”

John Dewey “Art as Experience”, Perigee, Pp. 12-13.