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Constantine x Marcel

Sunday, July 4th, 2010


“My thoughts were barren, my anxious imagination constantly conjured up tantalizing memories of how the thoughts had presented themselves the last time, and the weeds of these recollections strangled every other thought.”


“How paradoxical it is to seek in reality for the pictures that are stored in one’s memory, which must inevitably lose the charm that comes to them from memory itself, and from their not being apprehended by the senses. The reality that I had known no longer existed.”


“The moral is that when caught in despair there is, at the limit, no ‘autonomous choice’ by which one lurches out of the muck…
Truth…jolts one awake, strikes one dumb, steals one’s heart.”

*Kierkegaard x Proust = Repetition


“she took my blood…or in some strange movement i agreed to give it to her.”

Friday, July 2nd, 2010


“Repetition’s love is in truth the only happy love. Like recollection, it is not disturbed by hope nor by the marvellous anxiety of discovery, neither, however, does it have the sorrow of recollection.

He was deeply and passionately in love, and yet he was already, in the earliest days, in a position to recollect his love. He was basically finished with the whole relationship. Simply by having begun, he advanced such a terrific distance that he had leapt right over life…
If anyone can speak about the love of recollection he can. The great advantage of recollection is that it begins with loss. This is its security – it has nothing to lose.

The dialectic of repetition is easy, because that which is repeated has been, otherwise it could not be repeated; but precisely this, that it has been, makes repetition something new.”

Søren Kierkegaard, “Repetition”