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ducking the issue…

Monday, March 5th, 2018

it has suddenly dawned on me that, every time i purchase, or am about the purchase, a new pair of shoes, an irrepressible fear of how those new shoes, however beautiful, well-made, hipster, artisanal, etc. etc., might give me blisters, might squeeze that overly-wide part of my feet behind my toes, might hurt my arches, or might scratch my ankles, would haunt me like some kind of spectre, torture my mind with imagined petty pain and trivial suffering; meanwhile, the world goes up in flames…



starving artists cookbook (blah)

Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Starving Artist’s Cookbook

Love and hate! Generally I love reading anything related to food, but I have a feeling this is simply another round of fancy talk talk about the “starving” (young creative cool) artist, romanticisation of starvation, and oh come on, they aren’t really starving, most of them are (were) successful and have (had) money and/or patrons or both, or manage(d) to get by at least.

Of course, artists cook, but they are not the only ones who come up with the so-called “creative” recipes, have interesting ideas with regards to culinary practice, or have something to say through the act of cooking. What about all the housewives mothers fathers cab drivers toilet cleaners? Rainwater soup is not so Flux if you live without running water, a Soup des Jours which lasts many days is all that some people could afford to cook (their names are not John Cage), a “recipe for fried spaghetti, containing spaghetti, garlic, oil, and any herbs on hand” is a classic recipe and seriously, that was what all my then fellow students were sustaining themselves with (the “affluent” ones substitute oil with butter, and top it off with cheese, although not necessarily aged parmigiano or pecorino).

Anyway, where are Tony Conrad’s pickles?