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Monday, October 19th, 2015

If you’re not paranoid, you’re crazy
how to live in the world of surveillance?
feminism as an utopian project for universal justice: an interview with nancy fraser

“The mainstream feminism of our time has adopted an approach that cannot achieve justice even for women, let alone for anyone else. The trouble is, this feminism is focused on encouraging educated middle-class women to “lean in” and “crack the glass ceiling” – in other words, to climb the corporate ladder. By definition, then, its beneficiaries can only be women of the professional-managerial class. And absent structural changes in capitalist society, those women can only benefit by leaning on others — by offloading their own care work and housework onto low-waged, precarious workers, typically racialized and/or immigrant women. So this is not, and cannot be, a feminism for all women! ”
Funny Money: When the law is lawless.
a wonderful guide to the strange world of counterfeits in china. from fake money to fake universities, fake banks, even a fake government.
Hipsters on food stamps? Stop exploiting yourselves. Working your asses off in 5 different temp jobs in order to live means the society is unfair.

“The rage directed at the figure of “a hipster on food stamps” is only intelligible in terms of the rotted ideological foundation that supports it: an ideology that simultaneously glorifies the suffering of the exploited and vilifies those among the dispossessed who are deemed to be insufficiently hardworking or self-reliant.”