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One manifestation of a 4H pencil
, 2012 - 2014
Pencil on paper (57 sheets, 29.7 x 42 cm), glass bottle, pencil scrapings

some things i did/am doing


_WOZ series



_abandoned growth


_envelope series


_a million holes

_a million zeros

_one manifestation of a 4H pencil


_proposal for a neon piece

_occupational therapy I

_occupational therapy II







_cycle of seasons


_childhood amnesia

Sheets of A3 paper were filled with one 4H pencil until its graphite was exhausted. The amount time spent on doing this was recorded. The piece shall be sold according to a pay-per-hour salary to be agreed upon with the prospective buyer.

The work to be sold includes: all 57 sheets of A3 paper, pencil scrapings from the pencil used collected in a glass bottle, a signed document certifying the number of hours (448) spent on finishing the pencil, packed in a cardboard box.