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Abandoned Growth
, 2010 - 2022
Finger- & toe nails, glass bottles with cork closures, bell jar
Bottles: ø2 x h5 cm; Bell jar: ø30 x h40 cm

some things i did/am doing


_WOZ series



_abandoned growth


_envelope series


_a million holes

_a million zeros

_one manifestation of a 4H pencil


_proposal for a neon piece

_occupational therapy I

_occupational therapy II







_cycle of seasons


_childhood amnesia

My clipped finger- & toe-nails are being collected and bottled during the course of a year in the Chinese Lunar Calendar.
To be completed as a 12-year project corresponding to the 12 zodiac animals in the Chinese calendar's cycle, beginning with the year of the Tiger in 2010, followed by Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig, Rat, and Ox.The bottles for each zodiac animal are placed in a circle according to their positions of the twelve Earthly Branches in the ancient Chinese ordering system for time, date, directions, and astrological traditions, with the Rat at 0 degree North, Rabbit at 90 degree East, Horse at 180 degree South, and Rooster at 270 degree West.


The first three years: Tiger (2010-2011), Rabbit (2011-2012), Dragon (2012-2013)