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(Obscured) Knowledge, 2021 - 2022
Pen on paper
Series of 28
30 x 30 cm each

some things i did/am doing


_WOZ series



_abandoned growth


_envelope series


_a million holes

_a million zeros

_one manifestation of a 4H pencil


_proposal for a neon piece

_occupational therapy I

_occupational therapy II







_cycle of seasons


_childhood amnesia

From the online Cambridge Dictionary:
obscure: verb; to prevent something from being seen or heard; to make something dif cult to discover and understand
knowledge: noun; understanding of or information about a subject that you get by experience or study

Each sheet is made up of overlaying layers of notes taken by hand while I attempt to acquire some language-related knowledge. Topics range from language history, sociolingustics, poetry, to natural language processing.

Taking handwritten notes is supposed to improve the brain's encoding process and aid memory; yet overwriting layers render the words illegible. What have I learned, what do I remember?
The pens used for this work have been lying around in my stationery box for years, waiting to be used. The end of the series is dictated by the number
of sheets on the drawing pad which I used for the work. The work can be shown in any constellation, orientation, or order.