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Occupational Therapy II (Leider nicht), 2022
Collage on hand-recycled paper, 3 sheets
29.5 x 20.5 cm each
Audio recording, 11'08" (link)

some things i did/am doing


_WOZ series



_abandoned growth


_envelope series


_a million holes

_a million zeros

_one manifestation of a 4H pencil


_proposal for a neon piece

_occupational therapy I

_occupational therapy II







_cycle of seasons


_childhood amnesia

The three sheets of handmade paper are made by recycling three rejection letters and the envelope they came with. The words "Leider" and "nicht" (roughly translates to "Unfortunately not") appear in all three letters; these words were cut out from each letter and pasted onto the recycled paper on the same place where they appeared on each letter.
The accompanying soundtrack is made up of recordings of my tearing the letters and envelopes into small pieces in order to make paper pulp.