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Receipts, 2020
Collage on canvas, 60 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Digital print on Hahnemühle PhotoRag, 60 x 60 cm

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_WOZ series



_abandoned growth


_envelope series


_a million holes

_a million zeros

_one manifestation of a 4H pencil


_proposal for a neon piece

_occupational therapy I

_occupational therapy II







_cycle of seasons


_childhood amnesia

The Receipts series is made with thermal paper receipts from my expenses within certain time frames. The collected receipts are heated with the remaining heat of my electric stovetop after making coffee. A photographic archival copy of each collage accompanies the original. The original will fade and lose its colours very slowly as time passes; the printed copy shows its "original" state. The title of each piece notes the sum total of the receipts on the collage.

Receipts (JPY 447,530.-), 2020
From a 3-week journey in Japan, November 2019

Receipts (EUR 4261.88), 2020
From my daily life in Paris, February to July 2020